In my idealistic world, good conquers evil, cancer doesn’t exist, dogs are born house trained and babies don’t cry.

Wouldn’t that be FABULOUS?!

In the world I do live in, evil is everywhere, cancer kills, I wake up to ‘bonza pressies’ off the dog and if babies crying was an Olympic sport, at least 3 of them on my garden would be in the running for a gold medal.

The issue I have, is the police are scared. In my parents day, they were unceremoniously carted home. In my grandparents day, they were clipped round the ear. I won’t go as far as to say we should hold #shitgate ala Game of Thrones, where Cercei has her head shaved and is stripped naked and forced to walk through the city while the townsfolk throw their own excrement at her. But the police need to stop worrying about being complained about.

In school we ALL had teachers we didn’t like. I had Mr. Toner, he was an absolute narcissist on an ego trip and a year off retiring. I didn’t like the man but I can’t fault his teaching. He begrudgingly taught me Latin and Roman in extra lessons, we were just incompatible people. It didn’t stop him making a mockery of me at every opportunity.

The police are always seen as bad guys. Like teachers. They are there to discipline. But when the powers are consistently stripped away, your sense of authority waivers and the house of cards crumbles.

If a copper was to stop and search me, I could cry homophobia and they’d soon back off. If a black person or an Asian is stopped, they can cry racism and white superiority. In reality, it’s nothing to do with that, it’s trying to make the streets a safer place for everyone, and flapping your arms and resisting is about as much use as a chocolate teapot and is going to make you look more guilty.

The police need to be above normal law for us civvies, but within the guidelines. A clipped ear or a firm telling off is not going to kill you, and your ethnicity, sexuality, creed or colour doesn’t make any impact. If you’re being a prat, you need to be pulled up on it. That is how policing works.

The police are now scared to call a spade a spade. It’s now a Manual digging instrument.

Poor people are now ‘people of limited means’.

For god’s sake, they’re poor, the spade is a spade, they’re gay, black, white, Chinese, addicted to drugs. I don’t care! Call the thing what it is! I don’t call my bedside lamp a ‘soft lighting instrument with chiffon’. It’s a bloody lamp! I plug it in, flick a switch and it turns on.

It’s time the police revolted, and time they started taking power back. The criminals are running the show here. And the police are powerless.