An array of fliers have been sent out to houses up and down the country, calling for April 3rd to be Punish a Muslim day, with a points system for the most deprived and degrading crimes ranking the highest, and ultimately, 1000 points for bombing a Mosque (which in itself is ironic as that is an act of terrorism, the very thing that people misjudgingly think all Muslims are quite adept at).

The thing is, the inbreds that would do this can’t differentiate between Jews, Sikhs, Muslims or Catholics. They simply see a head scarf or a turban and immediately go on tirades about ‘going back to their own country’ and that ‘I’m a f*****g minority in my own city’. What nonsense.

The vast majority of people of Chinese, Bangladeshi and Pakistani heritage in the UK are 3rd, some even 4th and 5th generation, and with each generation, they become more and more westernized. It’s simple evolution. If we were to do it the other way round, and send me and my family to Pakistan, as the generations progressed they would become more and more in line with the Pakistani culture.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t radicals on both sides of the argument, and I don’t agree with wearing the full face veils as they are firstly a security threat, and secondly oppressive. But going all vigilante and trying to purge the country goes against the very core of British Values.

We are NOT the Americans, and it is documented that during WWII, the UK welcomed Black American Troops and fought with our own ally, the US for their disparaging treatment of their black troops. The captain of the 320th Segregated Battalion, GI Willie Howard can actually be quoted as saying ‘Our biggest enemy was our own troops’. Now THAT is truly shocking.

We are a people of diverse culture and tastes, hell, we don’t even have our own language, we begged, stole and borrowed bits from other languages and mother tongues, how dare WE be the ones that are racist towards others.

If it wasn’t for migration, the country would have a very bland palette indeed, from art from Italy, to dance from India, food from Pakistan and Bangladesh to music from Poland. The reason we have all of this, is because over the years, society has blended, and although not 100% compatible, things will only get better if we meet in the middle, or more right of centre in line with our more Westernized culture, and discuss it.

There isn’t an Us and Them rule set. We have to follow all the same rules, it’s simply propaganda by bigots and racists trying to stir up trouble, and we all know they’ll have the emotional and intellectual range of a teaspoon. Don’t let this obscene thing pull you in.

So if you’re planning on ‘Punishing a Muslim’, I hope that curry, kebab, Samosa or whatever eastern delicacy you’re indulging on bloody chokes you!